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Hi everybody, longtime Wolvie fan here (since I was 10, I'm 22 now).

After the success of the X-Men movies, and after seeing Sin City (I swear this is Wolvie related), do you all think robert Rodriguez could work with Frank Miller again but this time for the infamous Millar/Claremont mini series in movie form? How sick would it be to see that?

Post your comments and let me know what you think.
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have you read sin city? when/if you do, take a close look at the character weevil :)
no, i haven't read it yet. I can't wait to pick it up though.
That would be.. Wow.
That 1-4 issue set still blows me away..it's what made Logan more human, least to me.
I haven't seen Sin City yet, but am this weekend.