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Wolverine Lovers

For All You Wolverine Worshippers Out There

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

This is a community for anyone who loves the X-Men character Wolverine: be it in his movie form or comic form, it doesn't matter.

-Posting can be anything--fanfics, fanart, pictures, commentary, movie reviews, comic discussion. However:
-Long posts, such as fanfics, must be LJ-Cut.
-If you are posting more than one picture, or your picture is really huge, you must use the LJ-Cut.
-18+ fanfics and pictures are ok, however, they must be LJ-Cut with a warning that the content is 18+ and not school/work safe.
-All posts must have something to do with Wolverine. This is, after all, a Wolvering-loving community.
-You MAY NOT post community promos, auction advertisements, off topic posts and the like to this community. There are other places for that. If you post things like that, you will be banned and your post will be deleted.

Moderator: khahlyn

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