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Wolverine/Storm ; Icons [09 Jul 2012|10:15pm]

Comic(s/book film)
DC (Supergirl's Shield)[5]
Marvel (Storm/Wolverine)[10]


the rest are under here... )
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Wolverine Kit [01 Mar 2009|09:48pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

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Rawr! [28 Jan 2009|12:02pm]

[ mood | good ]

Hulk vs...

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needed something better for my wolverine community [06 Dec 2008|08:18pm]

[ mood | loved ]

Happy | Sad | Angry

Wolverine 3

Pretty simple:

Direct linking with dimensions:
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there's apparently a soccer team out there using this for a logo [21 Sep 2007|05:20pm]

[ mood | surprised ]

came up in a google for actual wolverines
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always wondered how that would turn out [08 Sep 2007|03:33pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

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Wolvie iconnage [03 May 2007|10:45am]

[ mood | blah ]

While I was skimming through some of my animated stuff, looking for an icon to use for another account of mine, I came across this one.

I'm not going to be using this one but figured I'd put it out there in case anyone else wanted it. You don't need to credit me as I didn't make this guy, though I did edit the one I'm using for this post, but you can if you like. Figured someone might like to have it.

Actually, while I'm doing this, the one I'm stopping use on is this one right here. I didn't draw the original image but I did edit it as it was in another file format and didn't originally have a transaparant background.

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Newbie searching for a fanfic... [01 Oct 2006|05:17am]

Hey everyone. Uhm, new to the community and looking for help. Specifically, I'm trying to find a Wolvie fanfic that I read years ago on FanFiction.Net.

It was set as an alternate universe for the first movie, without Rogue and Wolverine meeting the X-Men. The pairing is those two, obviously, and I think there was some sort of testing plot... Not too sure. They end up on the run, Rogue having nightmares and such and Wolvie being all desperately-protective and taking care of her during freakouts (I'm a sucker for it, as out there as it is). At some point they end up staying in a cabin in some northern town (lots of snow) and bad guys track them down... Etc etc. Rogue is a very weak character in this fic. I believe that they finally associated with the X-Men at the end of the fic, but it's been so long since I read it that I can't really say for certain.

I spent a good amount of time searching for it on the website, but sadly to no avail. Perhaps it was moved, or is just stuck somewhere beyond my search parameters, but I'm hoping that it's still out there somewhere and that someone will be able to help me find it.
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confused [28 Aug 2006|02:36pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Ok... I need some help here...

I've always liked X-men, but only recently I started reading the comics. I must say Im completely confused! First of all, I'm trying to tell apart the Astonishing from The Uncanny and so on. And the storylines! It's all too confusing!

I'm sorry if I sound so dumb, but do you have any suggestions? Where should I start? Do you have any guidelines for me to follow the stories or something?


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Wolverine/Logan bases [26 Jul 2006|06:43pm]

oh how i hate widescreen...

Movie: X-Men 1 & 2
Character Preference: Logan (Wolverine)
59 bases under the cut

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Mutation: it is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow, and normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward.
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X-Men essay anthology [22 Jun 2006|03:52pm]

Hey guys-- I just wanted to recommend an X-Men related book that the small press I'm working for recently published. The book is titled The Unauthorized X-Men, and it's a collection of scholarly (and humorous!) essays on the X-Men. Wolverine specific ones include "The Best There Is...Isn't Very Nice", on Wolverine's mythic appeal. You can check out full-essay pdf previews of the book here: http://smartpopbooks.com/allbooks/index.html#X-Men

Thanks for letting me pop in and hope you enjoy!
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x-men 3 [19 Jun 2006|12:31am]

56 x-men icons [arranged by character]

+CREDIT chapstick_creo


( june icons 01 : x-men III )
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[23 Apr 2006|11:06am]

X-Men 3
Gilmore Girls
Pride and Prejudice

* Image hosting by Photobucket * Image hosting by Photobucket * Image hosting by Photobucket

More H E R E at my icon journal, chords_remind.
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Moving Sale [19 Jan 2006|12:28am]

Well today I had a thought today I would kill two birds with one stone. In having to clean things out in order to move, and needing some money, I decided to put a bunch of stuff on eBay, and Nick (my boyfriend) is doing the same.

My Sailor Moon Luna Doll that sings the Sailor Moon theme song.
Nick's Star Trek Action Figures
Nick's Wolverine Days of Future Past Special Collector Action Figures (Wolverine and Kitty Pryde)
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New member [13 Apr 2005|11:18am]

[ mood | blah ]

Hi everybody, longtime Wolvie fan here (since I was 10, I'm 22 now).

After the success of the X-Men movies, and after seeing Sin City (I swear this is Wolvie related), do you all think robert Rodriguez could work with Frank Miller again but this time for the infamous Millar/Claremont mini series in movie form? How sick would it be to see that?

Post your comments and let me know what you think.

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Random 'Holiday' Post [25 Feb 2005|10:44am]

[ mood | blah ]

Happy Yukon Heritage Day!

What? You mean you didn't know it was Yukon Heritage Day?


WHAT?!? You mean you hadn't even HEARD of Yukon Heritage Day?


Well, today is the day to celebrate all that is Yukon-ly Heritage-y... in other words, wear a cool hat while posing to intimidate your enemies and pick fights with people bigger than you.

Happy trails!

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Wolverine Pinup [05 Jan 2005|01:41pm]
(Hope this is ok to post here) Thought someone might be interested in this Wolverine illustration, just a little one but in the classic wolvie costume. There are some other X-men related pinups available here from Serendipity Art Sales.

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[02 Jan 2005|12:21am]

[ mood | tired ]

Oh yes, I'm obsessed. Obsessed to the point where I buy the X-cereal [it is yummy...] and scribble all over my books.

Anyhoo, my friends and I formed an X-Cult. There are three of us... because no one else has our taste. We all have an alias [aren't we cool?!]; I'm Mystique, because she's a] cool, b] blue, c] sexy. Also, I've baggsed that I marry Wolverine. Be he in yellow spandex or in Hugh Jackman form [drool, slobber]. I am aware that I sound very sad and schoolgirlish. I'm a sad schoolgirl. What can I say?

I watched the film today. One of the best bits:

[Wolverine has just stabbed Mystique-disguised-as-Storm. Enter Scott and Jean].

Logan: Hey, it's me.
Scott: Prove it.
Logan: [Pause] You're a dick.
Scott: Okay...

Oh, I do love him. Slobber. xx

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Wolverine avatars [24 Nov 2004|03:48pm]

[ mood | lethargic ]

Some Wolvie avatars I did recently, featuring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine with comics versions...
AvatarsCollapse )

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Dog Tags... [21 Nov 2004|10:41pm]

Hey everyone! I'm sorry to bother you all but i have a huge favor to ask. I do love wolverine and all the X-men but my sister is quite the fanatic. So for christmas I want to get dog tags engraved with Wolverine on it and the numbers that would be on his dog tag. If any of you know the numbers that are on it I would really appreciate you replying to this! Thanks so much!
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