Lucy Deschanel (spy_barbie) wrote in wolverine_lover,
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Ok... I need some help here...

I've always liked X-men, but only recently I started reading the comics. I must say Im completely confused! First of all, I'm trying to tell apart the Astonishing from The Uncanny and so on. And the storylines! It's all too confusing!

I'm sorry if I sound so dumb, but do you have any suggestions? Where should I start? Do you have any guidelines for me to follow the stories or something?

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honestly, for a beginning X-fan, the best place to start is the second series, simply titled X-men. It's first issue can be picked up at almost any convention or store for 5 bucks. It's penciled by the great Jim Lee. I'd try to pick up issues 1-30 or so. After that, check out some of the Uncanny series, but not the newer stuff. I'd go back to maybe like 200 and work your way up. There's some fantastic stories in there. As far as Wolverine goes, pick up Weapon X, Origin (not the ongoing series, the origin mini which is available in trade paperback), as well as any issues written by Larry Hama. Good Luck. If you need any further help, IM me. :)
oh, thanks! I bought a bunch of mixed comics and there were some x-men in the middle. I'l check out for the ones you told me, thanks for telling me! :)